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Different Worlds

I love my social media: blog-hopping, forum-chatting, IM-ing…yet there’s a large number of my friends who don’t feature on any of these. They’re not technologically averse, these technologies just don’t fit easily into their lives. Take one friend for example: she works part-time, has two small children, and a busy family life. She’s got no spare time to spend on forums and blogs…she’d rather just pick up the phone and call me, or send a text! She misses out on little bits of my life that others don’t…my random thoughts and recent events are often posted on my personal blog, and online friends read that, so when I actually talk to them in person, they’re often quite aware of what’s going on in my life. Non-online friends aren’t, and sometimes I almost resent having to tell them about my life, as I feel I’ve already done that ‘work’ on my blog. I wonder if, as I get more web-based in my social interactions, these friends will continue to be close friends, or whether somet

Silent Blogger!

I still exist, have just launched into a frantic and concerted effort to pull my portfolio together for Chartership, so all other activities are on hold, and that includes commenting on or posting to blogs…although it doesn’t include reading them, so I’m still busily reading, just not visibly ‘active’. I’ve been having fun compiling my portfolio on a Peanut Butter wiki, which has many advantages….and disadvantages! Overall, I think it’s helped me to organise and compile things far better, despite the many frustrations with formatting quirks between it and Word! Have written an article on the process of using it, which hopefully shall appear in some journal somewhere in the near future… Now, all I have to do is have peeps read it, comment, redraft, and submit…and hope the Board pass it!

Wot, still no Banksy?

The restrictions previously put on Brian Haw in regards to his peaceful protest at Parliament have been ruled to be unlawful . Still no word on where Mr Haws disassembled protest banners and Banksy artwork from his peace camp are though....

BIALL call for papers, Dublin study weekend 2008

BIALL have sent out their call for papers for the Dublin study weekend, Thursday 12th – Saturday 14th June 2008. The theme is: BEYOND THE PALE Planning for the Next Information Generation Topics they’d like to cover include: • The future impact of digitisation of data • Probable trends in respect of electronic resources • How does information become knowledge • The growth of globalisation of legal resources • Will librarians be needed in 2010 ? You know, I’m even actually considering submitting for a parallel session…what’s the point of being a Web Monkey if I can’t share the fun? Now, to try and work out a topic that I know enough about, that's useful, and that I can make reasonably entertaining...any ideas? More information here .

The problem with online ads...

. that you can't control where they're placed, as First Direct and Vodaphone have just discovered . Facebook do seem to be quite quick off the mark for technical fixes once they're pointed out, but if companies c an’t currently choose their placement, and if Facebook introduce that ability, I can see fights over who’s paid what to go where breaking out!