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The puzzled look

That's the usual reaction I get when I respond to the question "So, what do you do?" I either reply "I work for a law firm", when I'm in mixed company and don't really want to talk about work. But this seems to make people think I'm a lawyer, and I have to explain I'm definitely not a lawyer, but a librarian, and that all sorts of people other than lawyers work in a law firm. So, actually, that one kind of backfires an the -lets-not-talk-about-work front, and I'm trying to not say that any more! Or I say "I'm a librarian for a law firm", which is what I use when I'm feeling a bit more chatty, and happy enough to explain what I do. And since I end up having to explain my job anyway, I'm using this one more frequently. No matter what I reply though, both lead to the same response. The puzzled look. Then there's a couple of options: "Oh, I didn't know lawyers needed librarians" "Oh, do you look after

Your side, or mine?

Feel like going fishing? Well, if you want to go and fish in the River Esk, which is mainly in Scotland, you'll have to apply for a fishing licence from the Environment Agency in England. Bit confusing, so there's a test case coming up on the 10th September...

Put a watch on the borders...

Be very afraid....I'm being allowed to leave the country! And not only am I being allowed out, but I'm going in the guise of a proper professional! I'm going all the way to Australia, to attend the ALLA and NZLLA joint conference in Melbourne , thanks to some fabulous and generous bursaries from the lovely BIALL and SLLG , yay! It's kind of worrying when you look at a conference programme and think "ohhhh, I'd really like to go to that!". I'm concerned that it may be a sign of becoming grown up. But, never fear, the business cards I've had made up will soon put paid to any such ideas in the people I meet, oh yes indeedy! It is actually ever so slightly terrifying: I know no-one at the conference, my hotel booking's gone a bit wonky already, and I arrive at 1am in the morning, after waaaaay too many hours of travelling...thankfully I've scheduled in a bit of recovery time, otherwise I'd be sporting the Zombie Librarian look.

Thank you Paypal

For your sterling efforts at continuing the stereotyping of librarians as old, boring...with a secret filthy side. Of course, nobody you sent this image to in an email about online security could possibly find this annoying, right? Older, slightly frumpy lady + Glasses + Standing in front of a wall of card files = Geeky, secretly-pervy librarian.