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Jetsetting and jetlagging

By this time tomorrow, I'll be half-way to holiday time, 4 hours from landing in Newark airport, to start a fun fortnight with 2 friends of touristing, Greyhound-bussing, Washington brunching, hen nighting, cocktail drinking, pole dance classing, wedding attending, Lincoln lap-sitting and beard-pulling, photograph taking, Civil War battlefield visiting, car hiring, near-death-experiences-while-driving-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-roading, Liberty Bell gazing, Philadelphia friend visiting, New York shopping, chocolate gift giving, and Broadway visiting in shiny, shiny America. You all be good while I'm gone, and play nice with the other boys and girls, mmkay? I'll be getting a report about you all when I get back, and only the good kids will be allowed a treat after dinner. Image from here

Another year, another blogday

Yes, I feel all proud, because it's coming up to birthday-time for the UK Library Bloggers Wiki.'s toddling along nicely all by itself (with just the occasional spammer attack - it's really quite satisfying to get to ban and block people!), with people generally seeming quite happy with the process of adding their blogs themselves. Since I last looked in July 2010, there have continued to be additions in various categories.                                           July 2010                                        March 2011 Institutional bloggers              135                                                     152 Individual bloggers                 90                                                       107 Chartership blogs                    5                                                         6 Information professionals         8                                                         8 Suppliers                                 8