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A sweet apology from FedEx

So, FedEx screwed up, really quite impressively . To their credit, someone got in touch with me via email within a few days of me posting that, to apologise and ask for the specifics so they could get it dealt with. I've been a bit busy this week, so I've not had a chance to reply to them yet. In the meantime, my complaint letter must have winged its way to someone, as yesterday I got an email, confirming the information I'd asked for, and apologising for the bad service. Excellent: I'd got what I asked for, and that was an end to the issue. But this afternoon, a package arrived for me. A big, heavy package from FedEx. I went off to collect it, with no idea why they were still contacting me: as far as I was concerned, the matter was closed. But the label on the box gave a clue as to why it was there: Slightly concerning that this is needed often enough to be a proper label... And the contents gave even more of a clue: an apology note, and lots of delicious go

Hunting book sculptures

Yay, the artist behind the mysterious book sculptures that appeared in Edinburgh last year is back, and everyone has a chance to find (and keep) one of her gorgeous sculptures! As this story in the Edinburgh Evening News relates, next week is Book Week Scotland, and each day next week, the Scottish Book Trust website will be revealing a clue to the location of a sculpture, hidden somewhere in Scotland. Once it's found, the original sculpture will stay where it is, but the finder will get their own sculpture. Wait: does that mean they've actually made 10 new book sculptures? Anyway, sounds like splendid fun to me: I'll be keeping a beady eye on the Scottish Book Trust site for clues. I wonder if they'll have a hashtag to go with it, so everyone can join in with the hunt, wherever they are? #bookhunt? #bookchase?

Let's fix it, by breaking it!

Last week was a very trying week for me, website wise. One of those weeks when you just want to scream, because you can't believe people would do such frustrating things. I monitor a lot of web sources for news that's relevant to my employers business, and to do that, I rely heavily on RSS feeds. They allow me to see the output of sites quickly, and mean that I don't have to visit those sites repeatedly each day to be able to track their content. So, RSS feeds are VERY important to me. And in the context of Government sites, they're important for the general public too, helping to enable them to see what's happening in various departments, e.g. if consultations have been published that they might want to respond to, or if new regulations have been issued that may affect their business. Meanwhile...the Government has stated that it's consolidating websites into the address, and 24 departments will be moving to that address over the next 18 months.

The FedEx omnishambles

OK: I have tried and tried to get this company to respond to me, in any manner at all, but they have spent 4 months doing nothing but screwing up even the most simple of requests. So, for the edification and amusement of others (and the cathartic therapy of me), I present to you: the FedEx Omnishambles. Sit back, relax: this one is EPIC. It began, in August this year. An item was posted to me, and it came to my work address. The item incurred a Customs fee. Then it all went to hell. Here's my first letter to FedEx, (with some edits for clarity, and to help me retain a small amount of privacy). Federal Express Europe Inc. P.O. Box 119 Matlock Road Coventry CV1 4QD Dumpling in a Hanky Home Address Scotlandshire   30th October 2012   Dear sir/madam,  I am writing to complain about the ridiculous level of incompetent service your invoice/billing department has delivered when dealing with me.  An item was sent in the mail from America , using FedEx,

And the biggie....

Book Here it is.  The most expensive item (book or otherwise) that I have ever seen on Etsy.  Click through, go and see the price for yourselves. When you're done, come back here: I'll have a stiff drink ready for you.

Draped in libraries - part two

And (almost) the last part of this epic series of library related items on Etsy...check back tomorrow for the Grand Finale - a single item, of epic expensiveness! Feel free to guess in the comments below about just how expensive the item I'm going to post will be! :D Dewey decimal charm bracelet Library cats fabric Scrabble tile necklace Book letter Wood chip earrings Library card pouch Library card catalogue drawers Individual card catalogue drawer What would Jane do? sign Fabric storage basket Oxford Library scented candle Library books fabric Library hair comb Library book burp cloth Notecard Vintage book bookmarks Pillow Library mouse customised stamp Library bag  Badge  Stamped phrase bracelet Narwhal stamp

Draped in libraries - part one

Library items and imagery are popular for use as both adornments for the body, and the home. These final posts (so many I've had to split it into two) covers those types of items, and anything else that might come under the heading of "random libraryish stuff". Coasters Postcard Library locket Keep calm and hit the library Dewey decimal earrings Library bracelet Vintage library tie Mr Darcy cuff bracelet Dewey decimal necklace Library purse Dog collar Book shelf borders Library art tile Library knob Kindle case with image of London Library Library bear pocket mirror Book bag Library glass tile necklace Magnet Badge Vinyl laptop sticker Bag

Library words

Putting words about libraries and books onto posters is very popular, so there's all sorts of options out there. These items are here because they have a quote or slogan about libraries or books printed on them. There's one quote in particular that seems to be a favourite of poster makers: see if you can spot which one it is.... Library bird (ok, it's a magnet, but hey...) Print Print Print Print Digital printable Hand-lettered quote Print Linocut block print Vinyl wall sticker Print Letterpress print Digital printable Print Print Linocut print Print Print