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A peek into the past

The State Papers Domestic of Henry VIII to Elizabeth I, covering the period from 1509 to 1603 are now available online for anyone who's interested to rummage though, at State Papers Online. The papers cover a vast range of issues from the time: Containing 380,000 facsimile manuscript documents linked to fully-searchable Calendar entries, Part I delivers the complete collection of State Papers Domestic for this era. Every facet of early modern Government is detailed including social and economic affairs. Key themes of Part I include: Henry VIII’s relations with Europe The Reformation The Dissolution of Monasteries Elizabeth I: Marriage and the Succession Voyages of Discovery of Drake, Gilbert, Hawkins and Frobisher Relations between the Crown and the nobility The rise and fall of the Earl of Essex The diplomacy of William Cecil and Francis Walsingham Includes: From the National Archives, London: SP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 From the British Libra

Final shelving post

I promise! This is the last of them! Chair / Bookshelf in one Source Detachable Bookshelf Source Little Wooden Cubes Shelf Source Infinity Bookshelf Source Twisted Bookcase Source Triangle Shelves Source Apple Crates Source Colourful Shelving Source Tree Shelf Source

More shelving entertainment

And more fun shelves and library bits and bobs! Pocket Library Source Hanging Bookshelf Source Batman Chair Source Book Hangers Source Salvaged Shelves Source Maze Bookshelf Source


Miss Jennie has scheduled some lightweight, pretty-bookcases / shelving and random thoughts posts over the next week or she's heading off to the Winter sun of New Zealand, yay! As of Saturday / some-point-far-too-many-hours-travel-later, I'll be on holiday, escaping to the not-depths-of-freezing-Winter delights of Christchurch. And, I'll be fitting in a trip to Wellington, and probably even a trip to the NZ Parliament building and a tour. Yes, even on holiday, I'm a law geek.. So, toodle-pip, see ya in the new year!

Some book shelf solutions

Ah, the joys of Crib Candy - so many pretty things appear in my feed reader! Of course, as a library geek, I keep a note of the nicest shelving solutions...hey, you never know when my employers might go mad and demand a redesign of the Library using only eco-friendly materials, or one entirely suspended from the ceiling, right?!?! So, here's some of the most interesting book shelves that I've seen recently. Diagonal Bookshelves Source Slat shelf Source Rotating Bookshelf Source Rotating Shelving System Source Double Access shelf Source Leaf Shelf (with perhaps a OTT claim - "Available in all leaves of the known universe." Source Leaves Bookshelves Source Bamboo Bookshelves Source Think that's enough for now...more to follow!