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enLIGHTEN Edinburgh 2012

This looks like a fun, pretty, and literary project: taking famous quotes from the Scottish Enlightenment, and projecting them onto the Edinburgh buildings associated with that period, with animations and audio too. It'll run from the 1st - 18th March 2012. The Edinburgh City of Literature site says there's further news to come, but as it starts in only a few days, I'd quite like to actually know just now what quotes they'll be using, and when, and'd be quite nice to go for a walk around town to see them, but without details, it's a bit tricky to plan! Ah, actually: the non-official source is, in this case, more reliable than the official source! It goes against all Librarian Rules, but here: - trust the unofficial source, for full information on locations, dates, and times: Edinburgh Reporter event details  - although they say it launches on Friday 1st March...Friday's the 2nd. Does anyone actually know what's going on with this event

For each library, a librarian. Preferably in it.

It happens to the best of us. No matter how horrible the thought, sooner or later, at some point in your career, someone’s going to suggest relocating your library. This can involve anything from a relatively simple move to a new location within the same building, to a shift to another town, but no matter what the scale of the move, there are certain truths to the library relocation process. This is what I’ve gathered about that process, both from personal experience, and the painful struggles of other librarians. Things that you will be told: You will be kept involved and informed at all stages of the process. Your knowledge of how the physical library is actually used is important, and your contributions to the best layout and use of space/furniture in the library space will be taken into account. Your shelf space will not be reduced. In fact, it may actually increase, in acknowledgement of the fact that as time goes on, library stocks and the space needed for t