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More Facebook ad fun!

For entertainment, I sat and graded the ads I was getting for 15 mins again, refreshing them to see what would come up to replace what I'd marked as 'irrelevant'. The results, from their headlines: Rachel Ray diet (twice), 1,000,000 people can't be wrong (Pink Patch ad, this one is particularly repetitive, 8 times out of 12 this replaced an ad I'd removed by rating it irrelevant!), the Pink Patch diet (same as the other one, but different format...this company must have an impressive advertising budget), Floristry courses at Bournville College, the GI patch (yet another diet offer!), free Samsung Tocco, Poor history credit card (multiple), Call worldwide for a month (some sort of phone plan), free PS3 with T-Mobile, Home in Cyprus and Greece, Instant payday loan, free Samsung Soul, Jobs in Oxfordshire (twice), Want a PS3 for £10.92? (auction site ad), The best of Dagenham, A few drinks tonight? (don't know what this advertised, had website link but I didn't

Random library and book bits

A collection of some of the pretty / fun library related stuff I've bookmarked over the past few weeks... Furniture and decorative bits, made out of those pesky, un-recyclable books: Source Elephant / bus / snail shaped bookshelves for kids rooms...funky! Some fabulous, (and some insane) shelving / bookcase ideas here . My favourite is this one, the arrangement in the top right makes it look like a tree full of books: And finally, a way to reuse all those Metro papers that keep appearing in the corner of rooms.... roll them into twine , and make them into rugs!


Argggh, it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day today! Enjoy the day me hearties!!

Rating Facebook ads

Have you noticed the little 'thumbs up' and 'thumbs down' icons underneath those ads that appear (in new-look Facebook) along the right hand side of your screen? Facebook allows you to rate these adverts, as shown in the text of the popup displayed below: Tell us what you think Why didn't you like this ad? Choose reason: Misleading Offensive Pornographic Uninteresting Irrelevant Repetitive Other Thanks for your feedback. Over time, this information helps us deliver more relevant ads to our users. I have been studiously grading the adverts I get over the past few days, marking almost all of them as either 'uninteresting' or 'irrelevant', and actually, the amount of ads I'm now seeing for 'miracle diets' (wow, there's an incredible range of insane diets out there!) , debt management companies, 'free' stuff, ways to live like a celebrity, fundraising as a mother (why that one for me? I don't have kids, unless I've got rea

Facebook privacy and other such fun

I was allowed out last week (yes, entirely unsupervised! Well, apart from Lorna...) to attend a free Society for Computers and Law event on " Facebook and Social Networking Sites: Cyber-Stalking Paradise 2.0 " Yes, I'm a sad geek, but hey, t'was free! The presentation was by Professor Lilian Edwards, who was an entertaining and informative speaker. The lack of inbuilt privacy in Facebook wasn't new to me (I'd been in and fiddled with the settings to 'lock down' my profile only to approved friends, and block some people from finding me almost as soon as joining last September), but the discussion of why the site is so 'open' was something I'd not really thought about before. Facebook was set up to be open, to allow social groups comprised of school years with school issued email addresses to network, and act as an online yearbook. Which was fine when those were the only people using the system, but when it was opened up to general use, there

Book Preservation Awareness Workshop

Once again, another SLLG members event has been organised, this time we're sorting out our poor, abused books:  The National Library of Scotland have agreed to host and deliver a Book Preservation Awareness Workshop for SLLG members.  This half-day session takes a pro-active approach to preservation and the training will be provided by a qualified conservator.  The workshop will cover the causes of deterioration and the basic first aid treatments to apply once the root cause of the damage has been identified. Topics for the Book Preservation Awareness Workshop: 1.         Prevention is better than cure 2.         Basic repair methods to include tip-ins and tears 3.         Four-flap enclosure 4.         Proper use of Clarkson Book Cradles 5.         Book handling 6.         Books on shelves 7.         Taking a book from a shelf 8.         Hygroscopic nature of books 9.         Photocopying 10.         Damage to collections e.g. paper clips, post-its, rubber bands etc