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Et tu, Lego?

So, the good news is Lego, purveyor of fine, building brick based excitement, have released a "Librarian" minifig . Yay! Lego are a cool company, they're modern, and they make some great educational products, So, we'll be seeing a little figure of a modern information professional, a veritable ninja of knowledge: ready, willing and able to assist their users in any way they need, right? Wrong. Lego have gone with a stereotype of a librarian more suited to 1913 than 2013. Look - a book! A mug that says "shhh"! A cardigan, glasses, pleated skirt, frumpy hair and sensible shoes! Wow - this is really showing the face of the profession today! “Shhh!”   Books are just about the Librarian’s most favorite thing in the entire world. Reading them can take you on exciting adventures in far-off lands, introduce you to new friends and cultures, and let you discover poetry, classic literature, science fiction and much more. If only everybody loved to   read a

Living in interesting times

Ah, times change, and things happen, whether you're prepared or not. So, last month, I unexpectedly ended up having to look for new employment. Having been pretty happy and settled in my old workplace for almost 8 years, I didn't really have much in the way of recent experience of looking for, I seem to have plenty! Luckily, I'm finding that there are actually quite a lot of interesting vacancies out there, and plenty of roles where I think "ohhh, that would be great to be able to do" and I'm keen to apply for. I have such a wide range of interests, that I'm finding posts in all sorts of sectors where I think "yeah, I'd really enjoy doing that", so perhaps this is my chance to explore some other professional areas. Silver linings, an' all that? However, what I've also found is that some employers are not very good at creating a coherent and easily navigable recruitment process. So, here are some Do's and Don'ts, a