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2016, the year that tried to break me..

Well, THAT was a busy year! And it's not going to get any quieter this year either....

So, why was it so hard? Well, last year involved these things in the library:

Implementing a brand new Library Management SystemGetting the core library materials (textbooks and looseleafs) recatalogued (1,200+ items by the end of the year) on the new LMSReclassifying all library materials to a new in-house classification systemSetting up the subscription records for hundreds of journals and looseleafsRelocating all stock to match the new classification system, over a three floor libraryDriven to the Borders and back three times, to pack and relocate 40 sacks of books and law reportsSetting up and stocking a new room with library materialsCoping with recruiting and training three different assistants in six months*Spending a month running the library on my ownMe having two different managersManaging a mid-year wholesale move of the library from the oversight of one department in the organisation …