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Does Denmark want them back?

Apparently, the Shetland Islands could not actually be part of Scotland, being pawned to the Scots crown in 1469 as part of a long term loan by King Christian of Denmark, and never intentioned to become a permanent part of Scotland.

Not much chance of succeeding in the case I'd think, but it does give an amusing thought - how much would Denmark have to pay now to clear the debt and get them back?


Scott said…
I wondered if you'd blog this one. I thought this was a classic. Independence for Shetland that's what I say! Would be rather funny if the Danes said they take it back though.
Dumpling said…
According to his udal law website (, Orkney's not a part of Scotland either.

I still want to know what price Denmark would have to pay to get Shetland outta hock...

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