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What's in a name?

In the case of this blog, it's a name that had no particular thought or planning behind it - I had no idea whether I would actually want to keep it going, what I would blog about, or that anyone would ever read it.

Well, it's almost 4 years later (17th June 2007 is blog birthday, if we're counting), and the blog's still here, so I think we can now safely assume that it's probably going to be sticking around. And the name's been getting on my nerves a have no idea the amount of people who have found this blog looking for ladies called Jennie Law or Jenny Law. Personally, I'm not actually called Jennie Law, so I'm no help to these poor searchers, although for the right fee I could maybe consider pretending to be...
I also don't blog a huge amount about law: I'm not a lawyer, I just have the job of finding stuff for lawyers. Sometimes that process amuses me, sometimes it annoys me, and I blog about it. Sometimes I write about library issues, or technology stuff. Sometimes I post about entirely pointless things that entertain me. Zombies have also appeared in some posts. Lets just say I have eclectic tastes...

So, I have decided...the blog needs renamed. But I'm not altogether sure what I'd call it. Do any responsible growneded-ups out there have any good suggestions?


Anonymous said…
Jennie's Law?
John Greenaway said…
Jennie's Entertaining Law Librarian Yarns. JELLY!
Simon Barron said…
The Strange and Interesting Librarianly Adventures of Jennie / Jaffne.
Unknown said…
You could try a name generator for inspiration, like this one. Zombies are a hard one to work in (I found you because of the law part; brains brains wasn't in my search). Someone's already got too! What about Info Thistle or The Information High Road (hmm hmm loch lomond)
Unknown said…
How about Jaffers Journeys?
Ned Potter said…
I'd go for a film with Jaf in it somewhere, that always works.

- The Jafpire Strikes BACK.
- Jafassic Park
- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Jaffne
- Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Jaf Pearl

etc etc.
MikeSpel said…
Cheryl Cole had a similar re-naming problem. Her blog was called Coleslaw. Er..what about Jennies Lore.?
Michael said…
How about 'jurisfiction' ? There are some law / booky connotations to wrap your mind around there (for all of a couple of seconds, anyway!!) ;-)

btw, Law Actually has just had its 4th birthday (19th Feb) and your blog's birthday (17th June) is actually *my* birthday.

So... how about that!
Abigail said…
Quilling Librarian?

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