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In a break from regular programming...

I bring you...pumpkin carving!

Yes, when you live in a historic, atmospheric old city like Edinburgh, Halloween's a great excuse to break out the creepy carving skills...

First, a sketch, then a bit of freehand drawing...and cutting..

Then some scraping...

And some scooping...

And finally...a haunted house!

Not content with that though, after a bit more sketching, I moved on to another pumpkin: off came the top and out came the innards...

...and then came....a howling werewolf!

Dumpling in a Hanky: available for all your pumpkin carving needs ;)


Michael said…
Wow... I am VERY impressed!! Your pumpkin carving skills are simply stunning! Very artistic.

You've put my efforts to shame! :-(
Dumpling said…
Acht, it's just practice, there's lots of templates online for them, I just took some elements of a few and made up my own. And the pumpkin carving knives totally help, they allow you to finer details you just can't do with a normal knife.
At least, not without a high risk of losing a finger!

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