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The Phantom Booker returns

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And the fabulous but mysterious maker of lovely book sculptures strikes again, gifting the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the city with two new sculptures, left carefully at the Book Festival venue in Charlotte Square.
The previous possible link to Ian Rankin seems to have disappeared, with new authors books being used, but they're just as inventive and fun as before!


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Careering along

When I look around at the activities of information professional groups, it seems that there’s a disparity. There’s quite often a lot of support and funding available for those who’re just starting out in the profession, but a desert of nothingness for those of us who’re “just getting on with it”.

If you’re a new professional, you have lots of groups to support you as you progress in your early career, various prize funds available for essay and report writing, access to bursaries for conference attendance, eligibility for awards for being new and enthusiastic. But what do you get when you’re past that bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed first 5 years (5 years seems to be the approximate cut-off point for becoming “established” and no longer new).

What happens when you’ve already received a bursary from an organisation earlier in your career and so wouldn’t be eligible for one now, meaning you’re not able to attend events or training? When you’re heavily involved in a project but not at pro…

Mini Christmas gifts

Miniature things are one of my favourites, and miniature books are no exception. These tiny books are available either as volumes or sets of volumes on their own, or as parts of dolls house or in specialised miniature library settings. And some of the miniature libraries are just insanely good! I've not included here the many options of wearable miniature books - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, badges...

And, as a grand finale, the safest way of all to keep your books - chained up.

The FedEx omnishambles

OK: I have tried and tried to get this company to respond to me, in any manner at all, but they have spent 4 months doing nothing but screwing up even the most simple of requests. So, for the edification and amusement of others (and the cathartic therapy of me), I present to you: the FedEx Omnishambles.

Sit back, relax: this one is EPIC.

It began, in August this year. An item was posted to me, and it came to my work address. The item incurred a Customs fee. Then it all went to hell.

Here's my first letter to FedEx, (with some edits for clarity, and to help me retain a small amount of privacy).

Federal Express Europe Inc.
P.O. Box 119Matlock RoadCoventryCV1 4QD
Dumpling in a Hanky Home Address Scotlandshire30th October 2012
Dear sir/madam,  I am writing to complain about the ridiculous level of incompetent service your invoice/billing department has delivered when dealing with me.  An item was sent in the mail from America, using FedEx, to my work address. This address is: Employer F…